Human Interest/Topical

News can come in many forms, Human Interest, Topical, Celebrity and Investigative, just to name a few. Jacob’s Hope is the heartbreaking story of a young, eleven year old boy who was kidnapped while riding his bike with his younger brother and a friend. Stopped by a masked, armed man by the side of the road, Jacob’s brother and the friend were told to run and not look back or they would be shot. When they finally did look back, Jacob Wetterling and the man were gone. We arrived the next day to try to help this family and town get the word out. Sadly, the body of Jacob Wetterling was found on September 1, 2016 after Danny Heinrich, a longtime person of interest, confessed to his abduction and murder.



Celebrity News

Brian Jones was the man who put together The Rolling Stones. But in 1969, just as the Stones were exploding, Jones was forced out of the group. Less than a month later, Jones was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool. While the death was ruled an accident, many to this day believe foul play was involved. With comments from the Stones, this is the theory proposed in A.E Hotchner’s best seller, “Blown Away”.










Arrow Air Flight 1285, took off from Cairo, Egypt, stopping over in Cologne, West Germany and Gander, Newfoundland on its way to its ultimate destination of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Unfortunately, immediately after take off, the DC-8 crashed a half mile from the runway in Gander.The flight carried 248 US servicemen and 8 crew members but that may not have been all. In spite of the report of the Canadian Aviation Safety Board that the plane crashed because of ice on the wings, many of the dead servicemen’s parents, Canadian flight experts and the minority report of the CASB were calling this a gigantic coverup of what really happened.